Our Greatest Need


Your gift to the UMHS Annual Fund will provide funding for key priorities and help us respond to opportunities that may not be met by any other source. Annual Fund donors ensure that we can continuously respond to the needs of our patients, our clinicians and our scientists. Your gift demonstrates that you share our vision to create the future of health care. 

Medicine needs victors. Medicine needs you!

Campaign Priorities


Accelerate Breakthrough Discovery

Research is where hope begins for millions of patients.

With powerful new tools such as genomics, bio-informatics and molecular imaging, Michigan scientists are uncovering the drivers of disease and pioneering personalized treatments for better outcomes. We’re using technology as it has never been used before. We are fast-forwarding medical innovations and answering the question: What's next?

Not only are we advancing health care at the individual level, but, through the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, we also are becoming a guiding force for identifying large-scale health patterns that can be analyzed to improve the health of entire populations.

Your gift to the UMHS Discovery Fund will ensure the most promising research moves forward, bringing new treatments from laboratory bench to the patient bedside as quickly as possible. To discuss options for investing in a specific area of research at Michigan Medicine, please contact a development officer by clicking the link below.



Transform Patient Care

Our vision for patient- and family-centered care is revolutionizing the way medicine is delivered.

Innovative approaches at the University of Michigan are setting standards for hospitals across the country and around the globe. By putting patients and families first, we are creating the ideal patient experience while offering the most effective and advanced treatments. 

Your gift to the Transforming Patient Care Fund will provide immediate support to patients and invest in innovations that improve outcomes and create the ideal patient experience. To discuss options for supporting a particular patient care program, please contact a development officer by clicking the link below.


Develop Leaders

The University of Michigan Medical School has led the way since its founding in 1850.

We introduced the modern medical curriculum and offered the nation’s first clinical internships. Today we are consistently ranked among the best medical schools in the country.

We encourage students and residents to envision the transformational role they can play in medicine, and we help them garner the skills that game changers require. Here we have the latest clinical skills centers and medical simulation technology to help students learn routine patient care and advanced trauma and surgeries. Our students develop in-depth relationships with volunteer patients to understand the full impact of chronic disease, and they explore the potential of research and outreach programs to transform care here and throughout the world.

We are training the next generation of physicians and medical scientists in a team-based environment to ensure that tomorrow’s medical needs are met by no less than the leaders and best.

Your gift to the Dean’s Scholarship Fund will provide critical support for medical student education and ensure the best and the brightest pursue medicine at Michigan. To create an endowed scholarship in your name, or in memory of someone, please contact a development officer by clicking the link below.


Recruit and Retain Extraordinary Minds

Our faculty are among the most highly regarded medical innovators, caregivers and educators in the world.

We’ve built an unparalleled culture of collaboration that attracts the most talented and dedicated physicians and scientists. Supporting their endeavors is essential to maintaining our reputation as a leader and to delivering on our mission to pursue life-saving transformative ideas, create national policy and standards of care, and re-envision medical education.

Providing support for important new research that’s not yet eligible for federal funding allows us to intensify the intellectual resources and critical leadership needed to speed the translation of discovery into advanced clinical applications. Help support the world’s most inventive faculty and researchers. Help make it possible for them to cure diseases, expand the boundaries of knowledge and spark creative collaborations for the benefit of all. 

To create an endowed professorship in your name, or in memory of someone, or to discuss other ways to support faculty, please contact a development officer by clicking on the link below.


Create Innovative Environments

Innovative spaces are the hallmarks of our Health System.

All across our health system our spaces foster the collaborative pursuit of discovery, the formation of optimal physician-patient partnerships and the advancement of medical education.

We’re bringing together physicians, scientists and others in novel ways and providing the best settings for advancing patient care, research and medical education. From the top-tier C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital to the groundbreaking Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center and the Rachel Upjohn Building, home to the U-M Depression Center, we are creating environments that move medicine forward.

To learn more about options for supporting capital projects at UMHS, please contact a development officer by clicking the link below.