Coordinating Critical Care

Kevin Ward, M.D.

With critical illness and injury, every second counts. Galvanized by his research in combat casualty care along with his wife’s near-death emergency after childbirth, Kevin Ward, M.D., pictured above, has dedicated his career to improving the care of the critically ill and injured. With experience directing the training of over 1,000 Special Operations combat medics, developing new methods of hemorrhage control and creating novel ICU monitors, Dr. Ward helped to establish the Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care (MCIRCC). A multidisciplinary research center that teams together physicians, scientists, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs, MCIRCC’s mission is to push research from concept to real-world impact across the spectrum of critical care. From ambulance transport through hospital-to-home transitions, whether a premature baby or a wounded soldier, it’s a mission that can mean the difference between life and death.